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Fixed Deposit Interest Rates of Top 10 Banks in Nigeria, 2024

If you are seeking financial stability and capital preservation, then fixed deposit interest rates are a suitable option for you.

A fixed deposit (FD) is a financial instrument offered by banks and financial institutions where an investor deposits a lump sum amount for a fixed tenure at a predetermined interest rate.

The principal amount and interest are repaid at the end of the deposit period.

In addition to offering predictable returns, fixed deposits are also considered a safe investment as they are typically backed by the government or the issuing financial institution.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fixed Deposit Interest Rate for You

Choosing the right fixed deposit interest rate is crucial to maximise the returns on your investment.

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision.

Understand Your Financial Goals

Whether you are saving for a short-term goal or looking for long-term wealth accumulation, your goals will influence the choice of interest rate. Clarify your financial goals and the purpose of investing in a fixed deposit.

Compare Interest Rates Across Banks

Different banks offer varying fixed deposit interest rates. Research and compare rates offered by different financial institutions.

While looking at traditional banks, also consider online banks as they sometimes offer higher rates.

Consider the Tenure

Interest rates of banks in Nigeria often depend on the duration of the fixed deposit. In general, longer tenures attract higher interest rates. Choose a tenure that aligns with your financial goals and liquidity needs.

Check for Special Promotions

Banks may run special promotions or campaigns with higher interest rates for fixed deposits. Keep an eye on such promotions, as they can provide an opportunity to secure a better rate.

Review Interest Payment Frequency

Interest can be paid out at different frequencies, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or at maturity. Consider your cash flow needs and choose a frequency that aligns with your financial goals.

Understand the Compounding Method

Interest can be compounded at different intervals (e.g., annually, quarterly, or monthly). The compounding frequency affects the effective yield. Confirm the compounding method and choose one that suits your preferences.

Consider Inflation Rates

Factor in inflation rates when choosing a fixed deposit interest rate. The goal is to select a rate that not only preserves your capital but also provides real returns after accounting for inflation.

Assess Penalties for Early Withdrawal

Understand the penalties imposed for early withdrawal from a fixed deposit. Some fixed deposits have strict penalties that may significantly reduce your returns if you need to access the funds before maturity.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the fixed deposit, including any clauses related to interest rate changes. Ensure that you are aware of all terms before committing to the investment.

Diversify Your Investments

Where possible, diversify your investments across different types of assets and investment vehicles. While fixed deposits provide stability, diversification can help optimise returns based on your overall financial strategy.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates of Top 10 Banks in Nigeria

You can make a well-informed decision when choosing the right fixed deposit interest rate for your financial needs and goals.

Listed below are the interest rates of the top 10 banks in Nigeria.

1. First Bank – First Premium Term Deposit

First Premium Term Deposit, a product of First Bank of Nigeria, is made for investors who require more value for their money.

It offers higher interest rates than the conventional term deposit and has fixed tenures of either 6 months or one year. High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) Individuals and Corporate organisations can apply for this loan.

2. UBA Fixed Deposit

United Bank For Africa’s (UBA) Fixed Deposit account offers depositors an annual interest rate of 8% on their investment.

The account also offers you the certainty and security needed for either short, medium or long-term investments.

3. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Guaranty Trust Bank’s (GTB) Fixed and Tenured Deposit account is a tenured investment account with a specific amount invested at an agreed interest rate and tenure.

At the end of the agreed period (tenure), and based on your instructions, the proceeds can either be re-invested or returned to you with the interest amount earned.

The tenure is usually 30 days minimum, or 180 days maximum and attracts an annual interest rate of 8%.

4. Letshego Term Savings

Term Savings, a product of Letshego Microfinance Bank Nigeria is a standard ‘Fixed’ account that comes with a fluctuating annual interest rate.

It allows for investment of a specific amount of money for a fixed period, at an agreed rate. There is an option of early or premature termination of funds but 20% of accrued interest is forfeited.

5. ARM Short Term Bond Fund (STBF)

ARM Investment Managers’ Short-Term Bond Fund (STBF) is an open-ended mutual fund which seeks to provide Investors with competitive returns and diversification benefits.

The Fund is invested in short to medium-term fixed-income securities that are denominated in Naira with a maximum duration of three years.

The STBF account attracts an annual interest rate of 8.38%

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6. Page Financials – Investment

Page Financials’ Investment Account offers depositors attractive returns on their investments.

With this account, you could earn up to 20% interest p.a. The rate of interest you earn is fixed, so you'll know exactly how much you're getting.

7. FCMB Fixed Deposit Account

The Fixed Deposit account by First City Monument Bank (FCMB) offers attractive interest rates and run for a pre-defined tenor. So, you can invest your money and know exactly what you will receive at maturity.

8. Ecobank – Term Deposits

Ecobank Nigeria’s Term Deposits is a fixed deposit account that allows you fix a high interest rate on your savings. The account guarantees the rate on your savings for a term within a timeframe chosen by you. Ecobank’s Term Deposits attract a yearly interest rate of 8%.

9. Zenith Bank – Fixed Deposit

A short-term investment at an agreed/fixed rate, Zenith Bank’s Fixed Deposit account comes with a tenor of between 30-90 days.

The account offers competitive interest rates on this short–term money market product for customers who would want to save towards future projects. Its yearly interest rate is 7%.

10. Sterling Bank – Fixed Deposit

The Sterling Bank Fixed Deposit is a long-term investment account which offers you or your business a competitive rate over a certain period of time usually not less than 30 days.

At a yearly interest rate of 7%, You can also rollover your investment at the end of the agreed tenor. This will help you save towards a project or rainy day.

Pitfalls To Look Out for When Investing in Fixed Deposits

Investing in fixed deposits can be a secure way to grow your savings, but it's important to approach it with care.

Here are some things to avoid when it comes to investing in fixed deposits:

Don't Ignore Inflation

While fixed deposits provide stability, don't ignore the impact of inflation. Ensure that your returns after inflation are positive to maintain the purchasing power of your money.

Don't Invest Without Research

Avoid investing in fixed deposits without researching the terms and conditions, interest rates, and other relevant details. Informed decisions lead to better outcomes.

Don't Chase Higher Returns Blindly

When investing in Fixed Deposits, it's essential to seek competitive interest rates. However, don't blindly chase the highest returns. Consider other factors such as the reputation of the bank, customer service, and the overall stability of the institution.

Don't Rely Solely on Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are low risk, but they may not offer the highest returns. Don't rely solely on fixed deposits; consider diversifying your investments to achieve a balanced portfolio.

Don't Panic During Market Fluctuations

Fixed deposits provide stability, so don't panic during market fluctuations. Stick to your investment strategy and financial goals.

Don't Withdraw Prematurely Without Need

Avoid withdrawing your fixed deposit prematurely unless there is a genuine need. Early withdrawals may result in penalties and reduced returns.

Don't Overlook Tax Implications

Be aware of the tax implications of your fixed deposit earnings. Interest income is usually taxable, and understanding the tax implications is crucial for accurate financial planning.

By adhering to these dos and don'ts, you can make more informed decisions when investing in fixed deposits, aligning your investments with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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