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All Your Questions Answered – Fidelity Personal Loan

Are you in need of some extra financial assistance to cover unexpected expenses, medical bills, or even a much-deserved vacation? If so, a personal loan from Fidelity Bank could be the perfect solution for you. With competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and a simple application process, Fidelity Bank personal loans are there to help you achieve your financial goals. In this guide, we'll address your questions about Fidelity Bank personal loans, from eligibility criteria to fidelity bank loan code and loan disbursement methods.

Fidelity Bank Personal Loans

1. Fidelity Bank Quick Loan

Fidelity Bank grants Fidelity Bank Quick Loan as a credit facility to individuals in private and public organizations whose salaries are domiciled with the bank." Through XtraCash, Fidelity Bank offers customers a convenient and instantaneous way to get a cash loan for MTN existing Diamond Yello subscribers.


  1. Valid ID – Driver’s ID, National ID or International passport.
  2. Signed post-dated cheques.
  3. Three (3) months stamped statement of account.
  4. Three months bank statement up to date.
  5. BVN
  6. 3 months' Pay Slips.
  7. Utility bill (within the preceding 3 months).
  8. Two Individual external guarantors with proper means of identification such as BVN, four (4) passport photographs, Identity Cards and Letter of Intent to guarantee the loan.
Fidelity bank loan code
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2. Fidelity Bank Fast Loan

Fidelity Bank designed the Fast Loan as a PayDay Loan product to meet the immediate needs of salary earners who have accounts with Fidelity Bank. The bank typically disburses this loan in less than two minutes, and customers can access it through the Fidelity Bank digital channels.


  1. A clean credit reports.
  2. Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  3. Must have received at minimum, three consecutive months' salary with the bank.
  4. Must be a salary earner.
  5. Salary must be domiciled with the bank.
Fidelity Bank Loan Code
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FAQs About Fidelity Personal Loans

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Fidelity Personal Loans:

How do I apply for a Fidelity Personal Loan?

1. Click ‘Fidelity Bank Personal Loan’.

2. Read through the information on the product page to get more details about the product.

3. Click on ‘Apply’ to begin the application process.

4. Fill in your personal details and provide all the necessary documents.

5. Submit your application form for review and processing.

6. After successful review of your application, you will receive an email notification confirming your application.

If your application is approved, you will receive the money in your bank account within 24 hours.

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Fidelity Bank
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What is the USSD Code to take out a loan from Fidelity Bank?

The Fidelity Bank Loan Code is –77008#

What is the minimum loan amount I can borrow?

The minimum loan amount for a Fidelity Personal loan is N10,000 while the maximum amount is N5 million.

What is the interest rate for Fidelity Personal Loans?

The Fidelity Personal Loan attracts a monthly interest rate of 23%

Do I need collateral to secure a Fidelity Personal Loan?

You don't need collateral to secure the loan, however, having a good credit score will help you get a good loan amount.

How long does it take to get loan approval?

Loan approval can vary but is typically done within minutes.

What can I use a Fidelity Personal Loan for?

Fidelity Personal Loans can be used for various purposes, including medical expenses, education, home renovation, travel, debt consolidation, or any other personal financial need.

What are the Pros of Fidelity Personal Loans?

Convenient Application

Fidelity Bank offers online and offline application options, making it convenient for borrowers to apply for a personal loan.

Quick Disbursement

The Fidelity Personal Loans is known for relatively quick disbursement of funds, which can be crucial for addressing urgent financial needs.

Competitive Interest Rates

Depending on your creditworthiness and the specific loan product, Fidelity personal loans can come with competitive interest rates.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Borrowers often have the flexibility to choose repayment terms that align with their financial situation and budget.

No Collateral Required

Most Fidelity personal loans are unsecured, meaning you don't need to provide collateral to secure the loan.

More information about the Fidelity Personal Loan

The Personal Loan is available to individuals in private and public organizations whose salaries are domiciled with the bank.

No documentation is required and the salary account must be active for at least six (6) months.

The customer must have a good credit balance as well as a good credit rating

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