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New Product Announcement: Renmoney

Struggling to find the right loan? We hear you! That's why we're excited to announce that you can now apply for Renmoney products on nairaCompare!

Here's the best part: Renmoney offers loans and savings in all 36 states of Nigeria! This means you can now compare their loans and savings options with other lenders on our platform, find the perfect fit for your needs, and apply for a loan or open a savings account – no matter where you live in Nigeria!

Benefits of Applying for Renmoney Products on nairaCompare:

  1. Nationwide Coverage: Renmoney offers loan and savings products throughout Nigeria. This means you can now apply for a loan or open a sacings account through nairaCompare, regardless of where you live in the country!
  2. Effortless Comparison: Quickly compare interest rates, loan terms, fees and features to find the perfect fit.
  3. Save Time: Eliminate the need to visit multiple sites! Compare and apply for loans and savings accounts, all on nairaCompare.

What to Know About Renmoney Products

  1. Minimum loan amount: ₦100,000
  2. Maximum loan amount: ₦5,000,000
  3. Interest rate: 6.25% – 24.59%
  4. Minimum repayment period: : 3 months
  5. Maximum repayment period: 9 months

Don’t wait a second more apply for a Renmoney loan on nairaCompare now!

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