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What Business Can I Start With 100k in Nigeria?

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Nigeria, with many individuals venturing into small businesses to earn income and achieve financial independence. However, raising sufficient capital to start and scale a profitable venture remains a key challenge. This blog answers the question ‘What business can I start with 100k in Nigeria’. Whether you want to launch an offline shop, start an online venture from home or diversify into a portfolio of businesses – this guide will explore feasible and lucrative models tailored for the Nigerian market.

With insights into profitability, startup costs, legal compliance, funding sources and more, this blog aims to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs, students, freelancers and small business owners to take the first step and turn their ideas into reality.

Why Entrepreneurship is Essential in Nigeria

Entrepreneurship is a driving force in Nigeria's economic development, with MSMEs accounting for 96% of businesses and 84% of employment according to PwC. Key benefits include:

  1. Job Creation – Entrepreneurship helps address Nigeria's unemployment crisis, especially among youth.
  2. Economic Growth – Small businesses contribute to national income, exports and commercial activity.
  3. Innovation – Entrepreneurs introduce new products, services and business models.
  4. Standard of Living – Entrepreneurship enables higher income levels and improved lifestyles.

By launching your own venture, you can create value for the economy while achieving personal growth and financial goals.

5 Key Reasons to Start Your Own Business Today

You have multiple incentives to become an entrepreneur in Nigeria:

  1. Pursue Passion – Run a business aligned with your interests, hobbies and expertise.
  2. Create Job Opportunities – Hire staff and create employment as your company scales.
  3. Control Time – Enjoy flexibility in managing your professional and personal time.
  4. Financial Independence – Earn significantly higher income than traditional salaries.
  5. Fulfil Life Goals – Fund your lifestyle, support family needs and leave a legacy.

Offline Businesses You Can Start with 100k.

Here are some of the most feasible and profitable offline business ideas requiring 100k or less initial capital:

POS Business

  1. High demand to facilitate cashless payments by customers.
  2. Low startup cost of around 70,000 Naira for POS machine and supplies.
  3. Commission per transaction provides steady cash flow.
  4. Strategic locations like markets, gas stations and malls ensure regular transactions.

Cooking Gas Business

  1. Market gas cylinders and refilling services to households and commercial kitchens.
  2. Obtain relevant permits and licenses to operate legally.
  3. Startup costs around 100k cover cylinder procurement and transportation.
  4. Earn margins up to 20% per cylinder sold or refilled.

Phone Charging Business

  1. Gain from ubiquitous need to charge phones, especially with power cuts.
  2. Setup a kiosk in high footfall area with signage and branding.
  3. Invest around 60k initially in power bank chargers and solar panels.
  4. Generate revenue through small fees per phone charge.

Laundry Service

  1. Target households, hostels and hotels who regularly need laundry services.
  2. Rent a shop and invest 70k in equipment like washing machines, iron and water storage.
  3. Provide value-adds like dry cleaning, starching, ironing to gain customers.
  4. Earning potential of 40k+ monthly with optimal client base and pricing.

Mini Grocery Store

  1. Open a small provision store with high-demand ingredients, snacks and household items.
  2. Shop rental, inventory, storage racks can be covered in 100k budget.
  3. Research location, understand customer preferences and local competitors.
  4. Markup perishables higher and fast-moving snacks lower for profit.

Tailoring & Fashion Design

  1. Leverage skills like sewing, design, knitting to provide made-to-order services.
  2. Invest in equipment like sewing machines, mannequins and raw materials.
  3. Market via social media, referrals and fashion exhibitions.
  4. Generate 40-50k monthly by costing designs and materials profitably.

Online Businesses You Can Start with 100k

With digital adoption increasing, lucrative online business models are accessible even with limited capital:


  1. Start a niche blog aligned with your interests and monetize through ads.
  2. Use 100k budget for web hosting, domain registration, theme customization and content creation.
  3. Earn through Google AdSense, affiliate promotions and sponsored posts once traffic increases.

Affiliate Marketing

  1. Promote products of external brands and earn commission on sales generated.
  2. Invest in building an audience through social media marketing and SEO optimization.
  3. Earning potential is over 500k monthly with a sizable audience and strategic promotions.

Digital Marketing

  1. Offer digital marketing services like social media management, web design, SEO to clients.
  2. Use 100k for software tools, online certifications and initial marketing of services.
  3. Charge client's monthly retainers to handle digital marketing needs.

Social Media Management

  1. Provide social media account management for brands and small businesses.
  2. Learn skills online and invest 60k in tools like Hootsuite, icon creation and design apps.
  3. Charge per month based on number of accounts and level of engagement.

Content Writing

  1. Offer professional content like articles, website copy, social media posts to global clients.
  2. No initial investment needed except a laptop and internet connection.
  3. Make 40k+ monthly by pitching to platforms and clients at profitable per word rates.

How to Diversify Your Business Portfolio

  1. Don't put all eggs in one basket. Spread risk through multiple income streams.
  2. Combine offline ventures like retail shops with online websites, affiliates and advertisements.
  3. Reinvest profits from one business to start the next new venture.
  4. Build upon expertise gained and replicate successful models.

Market Research: The Cornerstone of Your Business

  1. Conducting market research is mandatory to assess demand before starting any venture.
  2. Use surveys, interviews, competitor analysis and focus groups for insights into target audience preferences.
  3. Analyse industry trends, pricing factors, ideal locations, customer pain points and demographic segmentation.
  4. Ongoing market research enables you to expand strategically.

Investment and Funding Options

  1. Bootstrap with personal savings or family loans to avoid external equity or debt.
  2. Apply for CBN SME loans, BOI funding and state government small business grants.
  3. Participate in entrepreneur pitch competitions and incubator programs for capital.
  4. Crowdfund once you have traction and social media following.

Legal Requirements and Compliance

  1. Register your business name with the CAC to acquire official trading license.
  2. Obtain relevant permits and licenses applicable for your industry.
  3. Account for taxes by applying for a TIN and remitting VAT, company income tax etc.
  4. Comply with regulations around business location, safety standards, and more based on your industry.

We hope this guide has showcased a diverse range of feasible and profitable business models that can be started on a budget of 100k Naira or less in Nigeria. Take the first step today by researching ideas aligned with your skills, conducting market validation and putting together your startup budget and plan. The key is to start lean, reinvest profits strategically and diversify your offerings to build a sustainable and thriving business.

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