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VFD Bank Partners with Autochek to Boost Access to Vehicles

Vehicle ownership is a goal for many Nigerians, but it can be a costly one. The high upfront cost of a car, combined with the rising cost of fuel and maintenance, can make it difficult for people to afford to own a vehicle. However, a new partnership between VFD Bank and Autochek aims to make vehicle ownership more accessible to Nigerians. The collaboration, which was announced in September 2023, promises to transform vehicle financing options for individuals and businesses.

The Driving Force Behind the VFD and Autochek Partnership

The Managing Director of VFD Microfinance Bank, Gbenga Omolokun, highlighted the economic challenges many Nigerians face. He emphasized the need for affordability in car choices. From inflation, subsidy removal, and other economic challenges, the cost of owning vehicles in Nigeria has been on the rise. These factors have prompted many to seek alternative ways of managing their transportation needs efficiently.

He further stated that the partnership with Autochek is set to create a wave of opportunities for both businesses and individuals. This will foster economic growth and progress throughout Nigeria.

Benefits of the partnership

The partnership between VFD Bank and Autochek offers a number of benefits to Nigerians.


Lower Interest Rates: One key advantage of this partnership is the potential for lower interest rates compared to traditional banks.

Quick and Easy Approval: Autochek's innovative loan approval system ensures that you can receive pre-approval within just 48 hours. This reduces the waiting time and uncertainty associated with loan applications, allowing you to make informed decisions faster.

Convenience: Applicants can complete the entire loan process online. This provides you with the convenience of applying for and receiving financing from the comfort of your home. This eliminates the need for multiple in-person visits to a bank, saving you time and effort.

Access to a Wide Selection: With Autochek's network of over 1,000 verified car dealers across Nigeria, you gain access to a diverse range of vehicles. This extensive selection increases your chances of finding the perfect vehicle that meets your needs and preferences, all at a fair price.

Financial Flexibility: The partnership offers flexible repayment terms, allowing you to choose a plan that aligns with your financial situation. This ensures that your monthly payments are manageable and fit within your budget.


Fleet Expansion: If you own a business that requires a fleet of vehicles, this partnership can be a game-changer. It provides the opportunity to secure financing for multiple vehicles, enabling you to grow your fleet, improve operational efficiency, and meet the demands of your expanding business.

Competitive Advantage: A well-maintained fleet of vehicles can give your business a competitive edge. It allows you to offer efficient services, meet client demands promptly, and potentially expand your market reach.

Tax Benefits: Vehicle financing for business purposes often comes with tax advantages. Consult with financial experts to explore potential tax deductions and incentives that can help reduce your overall operational costs.

Improved Productivity: Reliable vehicles can lead to improved productivity as your employees can reach their destinations more efficiently and reliably. This can result in higher customer satisfaction and increased business growth.

Enhanced Image: Having a well-maintained fleet of vehicles can enhance your business's image and professionalism, potentially attracting more clients and partners.

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The VFD Bank and Autochek partnership is a positive development for the Nigerian automotive market. It will make it easier for people to own a car, which can lead to increased economic activity and job creation.

To learn more about the VFD Bank and Autochek partnership, you can read more here.

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