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15 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money in Nigeria 2024

Side hustles have exploded in popularity across Nigeria in recent years. With declining economic opportunities and a difficult job market, side hustles allow Nigerians to leverage their talents, assets or passions to earn much-needed extra income. This supplemental cash can provide greater financial stability for individuals and families or be used to fund personal goals like higher education, travel or investments.

This blog post will provide an extensive overview of 15 of the most realistic and profitable side hustle options you can launch right away in 2024, often with little prior experience required. Whether you want to make an extra ₦50,000 or ₦300,000 monthly, there are versatile ideas here to match diverse skill sets and interests.

15 Side Hustle Ideas

1. Online Tutoring

  • Subjects like English grammar, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are in high demand.
  • Leverage specialized tutoring platforms like Tutor.ng, Superprof or Tuteria to connect with students.
  • Offer individual and small group sessions at competitive rates, typically ₦2,000-₦5,000 per hour.
  • Develop teaching expertise in your best subjects from secondary school through university level.
  • Earning potential of ₦100,000-₦300,000 monthly depending on number of students.

2. Freelance Writing & Content Creation

  • High demand for writers to create blog posts, social media captions, marketing emails, press releases, website content.
  • Register on prolific freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer to access international clients.
  • Reach out directly to Nigerian small business owners through cold emails/pitches offering your writing services.
  • Monthly earning potential typically ₦50,000-₦150,000 for new freelancers.
  • Top-tier writers can earn over ₦300,000 monthly from high-value clients.

3. E-Commerce: Selling Products Online

○ Source trending products with high demand locally – fashionable clothing and accessories, foodstuff, beauty products

  • Create accounts on e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga, Budgit and sponsor listings.
  • Market aggressively on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote products.
  • Provide excellent customer service and quick deliveries to build reputation.
  • Earning potential of over ₦500,000 monthly if effective inventory and order management is handled.

4. Social Media Management

○ Offer social media account management and content creation services for brands and small businesses

  • Provide community engagement, paid promotions strategy and customer acquisition assistance.
  • Manage accounts end-to-end or provide ad-hoc content creation support.
  • Earn between ₦30,000-₦200,000 per month per client.

5. Graphic Design

  • Design logos, brochures, posters, social media posts, marketing collateral for clients.
  • List services on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr to access international clients.
  • Reach out directly to small businesses in Nigeria through cold pitching.
  • Invest time in building polished design portfolio highlighting skills.
  • Earning potential between ₦50,000-₦350,000 monthly.

6. Delivery & Transportation Services

  • Leverage platforms like Bolt Food, Uber Eats, Gokada for delivery gigs.
  • For ride-hailing services ensure valid license and vehicle clearance is obtained.
  • Work during peak evening hours and weekends for best income.
  • Earnings typically ₦5,000-₦30,000 weekly for part-time.

7. Virtual Assistant Services

  • Provide admin support like data entry, research, scheduling appointments.
  • Offer technical help like managing email inboxes, databases, invoices.
  • Assist with ad-hoc tasks in creative industries – editing photos etc.
  • Register on sites like Fancy Hands, Upwork, Freelancer to get clients.
  • Earnings between ₦50,000-₦180,000+ monthly.

8. Event Planning & Decor

  • Offer planning and decoration services for weddings, birthdays etc.
  • Arrange venue booking, catering, entertainment, photography etc.
  • Partner with relevant vendors and suppliers to provide all-inclusive service.
  • Earnings upward of ₦150,000 per event or more for corporate.

9. Catering & Food Services

  • Provide tasty indigenous cuisine options like jollof rice, fried rice.
  • Cater for occasions like weddings, parties and corporate events.
  • Offer additional specialized menus like gluten-free, keto, vegan etc.
  • Take advantage of events season between November to February.
  • Monthly earnings over ₦100,000 potentially.

10. Pet Sitting/Walking/Grooming

  • Take care of pets and homes when owners travel out of town.
  • Offer pet walking services during work hours.
  • Provide pet grooming including bathing and nail trimming.
  • Have insurance coverage for any incidents or liability.
  • Earnings between ₦2,000-₦10,000 per client weekly.

11. Photography & Videography

  • Shoot product images, event/wedding photography, portraits.
  • Offer photo and video editing post-production services.
  • Market business through social media platforms.
  • List gigs on freelance sites for international clients.
  • Monthly earnings ₦50,000-₦250,000+, up to ₦500k for weddings.

12. Music Production & DJing

  • Sell music beats and instrumentals online.
  • DJ events like parties, weddings, conferences.
  • List production and DJ services on Fiverr for global reach.
  • Approach event planners, party venues directly as well in Nigeria.
  • Monthly earning potential over ₦100,000.

13. Language Services

  • Provide language translation and interpretation.
  • Tutor students learning French, Arabic and other languages.
  • Register with online education platforms to access students.
  • Reach out to organizations like embassies for translation projects.
  • Hourly rate around ₦3,000-₦10,000 per hour.

14. Mobile/Web App Development

  • Build and code functional mobile and web applications.
  • Offer services like design, testing and troubleshooting.
  • List on freelance sites but also directly contact potential clients.
  • Share app portfolio and custom offerings through cold pitches.
  • Earnings between ₦100k-₦600k+ per application.

15. Affiliate Marketing

  • Promote third party products and services for commission.
  • Useful for products like beauty, health, SaaS subscriptions.
  • Register with affiliate networks like PayKickstart.
  • Drive traffic through content and social media ads.
  • Typical affiliate commission rates 10-25%.


From online tutoring and writing to e-commerce and event planning, Nigeria's side hustle landscape offers versatile earning options for anyone willing to put in consistent effort.

The best approach is to carefully analyse your expertise, assets and connections to determine suitable industries to target at the outset. Understand audience needs and offer real value in competitive niches.

While quick returns are rare, by diligently honing skills, crafting enticing pitches and leveraging platforms like social media for marketing, lucrative part-time income potential exists through side hustles.

Be sure to provide excellent and reliable service that keeps clients coming back long-term and contributes towards building a reputation. Reinvest portions of earnings towards necessary equipment, software, inventory and transportation to scale further.

Review this extensive guide detailing various creative side hustles and analyse ideal matches for your strengths if you seek to supplement your income. Let the examples and earning benchmarks provide motivation as well towards taking actionable steps to make extra cash doing what you love!

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