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Moniepoint Unveils Personal Banking App

In a significant move to expand its presence in the micro-banking sector, Microfinance Bank Moniepoint introduces a personal banking app to empower users with a wide range of financial services. The app promises to revolutionize the way Nigerians engage in financial transactions, with added incentives to encourage financial prudence.

A Gamified Approach to Financial Inclusion

One of the standout features of the new Moniepoint personal banking app is its innovative gamified approach to financial inclusion. Ope Adeyemi, the Senior Vice President, Channels and Sales of Moniepoint, explained that the app is designed to reward users for their financial activities. Users will have the opportunity to participate in weekly games, with thousands of them standing a chance to win N2,000 weekly and even a grand prize of N10 million.

"We want to supercharge financial inclusion because we realize that if you want to drive behavioural change and increase adoption, you should reward consistently good behaviour," Adeyemi emphasized. This approach aligns with the broader goal of encouraging responsible financial behaviour while making financial services more accessible to all.

Empowering Financial Access for All

Babatunde Olofin, the acting Managing Director of Moniepoint, stressed the importance of financial access as a fundamental right, not a privilege. He highlighted the bank's commitment to ensuring financial access reaches every corner of Nigeria. Moniepoint has made significant strides in this regard, boasting a platform that supports 1.5 million businesses across the country.

Olofin also shared impressive statistics about Moniepoint's growth and impact. The bank now facilitates over 400 billion transactions worth $12 billion on a monthly basis. This reflects the substantial role Moniepoint plays in the Nigerian financial landscape and its ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between financial service providers and the underserved population.

Key Features of the Moniepoint Personal Banking App

The Moniepoint personal banking app offers a plethora of financial services, including:

1. Funds Transfer: Users can easily transfer money to family and friends or make payments to vendors and service providers.

2. Bills Payment: The app streamlines the process of paying bills, from utilities to mobile phone top-ups. This makes it more convenient for users.

3. Gamified In-App Approach: Users earn coins by conducting transactions through the app. Users can use these coins to participate in fun, rewarding games.

4. Financial Inclusion: Moniepoint's commitment to financial inclusion ensures that the app is user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of individuals, regardless of their financial background.

5. Rewards and Prizes: The app incentivizes responsible financial behaviour by offering users the chance to win cash prizes through its gamified features.

The Future of Micro-Banking with Moniepoint

Moniepoint's personal banking app is set to redefine the micro-banking landscape in Nigeria. By combining essential financial services with innovative gamification, the app aims to empower Nigerians and foster positive financial habits.

As financial access becomes essential for Nigerians, Moniepoint continues to lead the way, setting new standards for the industry. With its dedication to providing financial services to businesses and individuals alike, Moniepoint is making substantive efforts towards a more inclusive and financially empowered Nigeria. You can read more about Moniepoint products here.

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