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CardinalStone subsidiary, CSAdvance rebrands

CardinalStone Partners Limited, has recently rebranded itself as CardinalStone Finance. CardinalStone Finance's Chief Executive Officer, Ayoola Adeola, hailed the rebranding as a momentous milestone. He sees the new name, CardinalStone Finance, as a symbol of the company's commitment to empowering clients with financial flexibility. Thus, enabling them to tap into new opportunities and unlock their growth potential.

Michael Nzewi, the Group Managing Director of CardinalStone Partners Limited, explained that the adoption of the new name positions CardinalStone Finance as a distinct and recognizable subsidiary within the CardinalStone brand. This alignment enhances brand visibility and synergy while reinforcing their shared mission as a group.

What CardinalStone Finance Offers

CardinalStone Finance offers a diverse range of financial services. This includes short-term investments, Personal Finance, Asset Finance, Term Loans, Invoice Discounting, Project Finance, and LPO Finance. The company places emphasis on the use of technology to efficiently manage loans and investments, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Operating as a Subsidiary

Operating as the financing subsidiary of CardinalStone Partners Limited, a renowned investment banking firm and financial services company, CardinalStone Finance is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and high net worth individuals.

With its fresh identity, CardinalStone Finance is ready to continue its mission of empowering clients, embracing innovation, and achieving excellence. The rebranding signifies not just a change in name but a renewed commitment to delivering top-tier financial services that empower individuals and businesses alike. For more information about this, read here.

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